Еще стихи от Татьяны (Бруклин, США). Она сама не считает это поэзией, просто написала, как чувствовала.

Why did you make my heart this way
Was it your wisdom or was it a game?

Blood runs through my veins from fields of deadliest of battles,
Gut churning dread inside of me makes delicate chinaware rattle.
I know the madness of a rider soaring off the edge,
I felt the soldiers’ courage in their final “hedge.”
I’m like a loyal horse who’s running to her death,
Rebellious slave who’s punished for his wrath,
A gladiator fighting to postpone his fate,
And desperation stricken, cornered bait.

For all my pain, please tell me if I went too far astray.
Is it your wisdom or is it a game.