Тема об изучении иностранных языков навеяла мысль. Моя знакомая из Бруклина пишет стихи и посылает мне на почитать.
Публиковать стесняется. Пишет на английском. Мне нравится. Делюсь. Зацените.


The Diva sang last night.
The sun went down and the moon came up.
The audience clapped
Seasons went by…

The voice sneaked up from far away.
It came gently out of nowhere -
Carrying within the sharpest blade,
Ready to cut through stale air…

Inside such depths the song was born,
As unimaginable as the vastness of the ocean.
It grew strong from the sound of a distant storm.
It knew no fear, it knew no caution.

Despair and hope charged the poignant frain.
As hot as the first love’s tears,
And as abundant as the summer rain,
Crescendo lit every crystal on a chandelier.

The voice kept ricocheting, trapped somewhere within my core.
It promised me tormenting love and it lamented chains.
And like a wave returning to the ocean leaves the shore,
With the last note still trembling, the voice gave up its reign.

The Diva sang last night.
The audience clapped.
Seasons went by…
You left…